Learning to Code

The Journey

I am not sure where this journey will take me and what adventures I might have along the way. But that is at least half the fun of a journey isn't it? The end is never really the end and I have learned that we are always learning - but the destination I have in mind for now is to become a competent coder, and to be able to find my way around a Linux command line. I intend to document the trip and share what I learn along the way.

About Me

I am the product of 53 years of life experience and a public education gotten when banging rocks together and grunting was our highest form of communication. As may be painfully obvious, I have no real experience with coding. I have wide and various interests including photography, travel, language (I speak some Chinese) and writing and now coding. I have been involved with computers since DOS. See... I wasn't kidding about that banging rocks stuff.

What I am Interested in Learning

The Tools I Will be Using